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Energy Efficient Lighting Calculator

Install energy efficient commercial or industrial lighting with an average payback in 2 – 3 years.  Why pay more?

To estimate what you could be saving by installing a commercial energy efficient lighting system just key in your existing commercial and industrial lighting information and what you pay for electricity,  then key in the wattage of the new LED light fitting to be used (if you are unsure just use the guide below).  If you are unsure of the wattage of your existing commercial and industrial lighting system or need any other information please contact us for no obligation help and advice.

Approximate power consumption of replacement LED light fittings:

4x18W 600×600 modular light fitting = 20-30W LED panel

250W low bay = 80-100W LED

400W high bay = 100-150W LED

The above energy & maintenance savings p.a. could be increased even further by installing a lighting control system and self test emergency lighting equipment.

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