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Energy Efficiency

ATTENTION: Your losing money by not upgrading to an LED lighting system

The sensible way to save energy

Advances in lighting technology have excelled in recent years. It is now possible to light an area for a fraction of the energy consumption than previously used, and because lighting in the workplace is constantly on, it is the ideal place to start saving.
If you have older style light fittings, they may not be as cost effective as you would like.  Massive savings can be made if you upgrade your existing lighting system to LED lighting.  Please use our energy savings calculator to estimate how much you could save.

It is also possible to increase energy savings and maintenance costs by installing a suitable lighting control system and using self test emergency light fittings.

1 in 5 small businesses spent more than 10% of annual turnover on energy bills in 2014

You could save thousands of pounds per year in energy costs and CCL payments (Climate Change Levy) as well as reducing your carbon footprint. You may also be eligible for tax incentives through the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme (ECA) managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of Government. On top of the benefits of reduced cost the light levels produced by the new fittings are often far greater than the existing light fittings increasing production, employee satisfaction and cutting down on accidents.

Before lighting upgrade. Existing light fittings are 400W metal halide high bays.
After lighting upgrade. New LED light fittings are 100W  racking aisle fittings, designed to direct as much light as possible down and not to spread out so lighting the area needed as efficiently as possible.

Further to our free consultation an energy specialist will visit your premises and draw up a proposal detailing what energy you use now, what energy you would use and the savings you would make in energy consumption and cost.

It just makes sense.

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