Emergency exit light installation carried out in Farnham

Emergency Lighting

5 reasons you should be talking about emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is designed to guide you and your staff or the public to safety in the event of a power failure.  There are strict regulations in place regarding emergency lighting and fire safety due to the heightened requirement for evacuation under emergency conditions.   According to LUX Magazine a Blackpool hotelier was recently imprisoned for 18-months and Tata Steel was fined £200,000 for emergency lighting violations.  Below is a list of five responsibilities which could lead to prosecution if not carried out.

  1. Failing to do a risk assessment
  2. Failing to comply with current standards for emergency lighting installations
  3. Failing to comply with current standards for emergency lighting products
  4. Failing to comply with current standards for emergency lighting testing
  5. Failing to rearrange emergency lighting after a building refurbishment

It is of great importance to have your emergency lighting system designed, installed and maintained by competent people who have attained the correct qualifications to carry out such work. If you have an existing system it is a legal obligation to show records of regular inspection & testing in a suitable log book, and to carry out an annual full rated duration test to ensure your system is functioning as it has been designed.

Our operatives have been trained by the FIA (Fire Industry Association) to design, install and maintain emergency lighting systems to the relevant British Standard, BS 5266 and to comply with all current legislation.
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